Streamline Your Operations for Long-Term Growth

The Compass Business Performance Improvement Consultation is designed to assess the attributes and features of a higher education institution that are signal indicators of efficiency and effectiveness while respecting the structures that remain critical to academic mission fulfillment. Compass consultants quickly orient to the core mission, academic services, and critical support components. They arrive with benchmarks to measure performance of support and administrative services against comparable institutions and identify opportunities for improvement and cost reduction.

Compass applies principles derived from lean design and total quality management to support a participatory process of redesign of services and functions identified as sub-optimum performers. The three phases of a performance improvement consultation include:

Orientation and Assessment:

Compass consultants rapidly learn about the organization and its mission, vision, values, and current state. What are the significant challenges being confronted? Where are the consistent strengths? How do various constituencies value the organization’s performance? What metrics are in place, and how are they measured?

Opportunity Mapping:

Compass uses the information obtained in Step 1 to outline  potential opportunities for improvement, calculating the cost/benefit of change and remaining mindful that not all costs are measureable in financial terms. Priorities for potential improvement are rank ordered by a calculation matrix using indices of complexity, benefit, time to achievement, resources required, and other inputs developed by Compass.

Corrective Action Planning:

Compass consultants present a proposed plan for addressing opportunities for improvement, including a project management approach.