Proven Leaders

Compass interims arrive with a proven methodology for mastering the challenges of the position. They are supported by senior consultants able to give knowledgeable advice and guidance on complex operational, regulatory, accreditation, or academic issues. The Compass interim assignment process parallels an executive search. We take time to assess the specific needs of the anticipated vacancy, present candidates for interview, and follow candidate selection with a continuous process of interim oversight to promote success in meeting organizational goals.

How Does it Work?

Example:  A university and academic medical center discovered that the research function was not fulfilling regulatory and operational requirements. The selected Compass interim vice president was able to reorganize reporting relationships to emphasize accountability and communication, manage re-accreditation of the research function, successfully revitalize the IRB function, and continue successful sponsored research initiatives while supporting acquisition of additional sponsored research resources.

Another state-sponsored university sought Compass interim assistance when faced with an unplanned vacancy in student services leadership. The Compass interim vice president quickly assumed responsibility for a complex organization, addressing the needs of undergraduate, graduate medical, and other professional school students. The interim implemented a new student services information system, oversaw reorganization of key student service functions, and reduced cost while enhancing student satisfaction scores.

Implement Change or Turnaround Strategy without Disruption

Compass interims can quickly assess situational demands, craft action plans, and implement strategy while the organization searches for a permanent placement, promoting progress without disruption even in the face of a key position vacancy.