Student Services

  • Are student services meeting the implicit obligation to students and faculty, as well as the broader university community?
  • Is housing being handled fairly and safely?
  •  Are food services adequate?
  • Is campus transportation safe, reliable, and on time?
  • Are student health services adequately staffed, accessible, and private for confidentiality purposes?


  • Does the library meet the needs of today’s connected society and knowledge access?
  • Should the library morph into a Learning Resources Center or a Learning Services Center?
  • Is there an adequate bookstore or materials access alternative?

Research & Funding

  • Has the institution’s IRB process been evaluated? Are funding sources for independent work and institutional needs being addressed through institutional advancement initiatives?
  • Are alumni honored or just solicited for more money?
  • Do legislators and other funding sources know what their return is for their investment on the campus?

Registration & Tracking

  • Is registration simple and transparent in its processes?
  • Are functions of admissions, graduation, and foreign student processing uniformly, fairly, and transparently communicated and carried out?
  • To what extent are connections made for incoming and ongoing students to transfer work in and out of the institution?
  • Do information silos exist on campus, or are there data collection services that integrate databases for proper internal analysis and external reporting?

IT & Learning Quality

  • Is there on-site and off-site electronic access for IT support for student and faculty work?
  • Is tutoring available in a fair fashion for students needing assistance?
  • For external reporting and internal approvals, are all necessary touch points addressed to assure compliance and accurate course and major information for new and continuing students, and are those data and information sources the same to all publics?
  • Is the institution continuously preparing for unbroken and successful Regional Accreditation?