Accreditation Connection

Accreditation is a fundamental requirement for any university’s survival—much less success. Compass supports accreditation from initiation, through assuring ongoing readiness, or as an intervention in times of stress. (More…)

Academic & Student Support Services

Many institutions view support services very differently than other parts of the enterprise. The question to be asked is which ones are necessary to meet institutional mission, vision, values, and goals, rather than whether they are making or losing money.  The follow-up question is whether any particular service is configured correctly for today’s and tomorrow’s needs. (More…)

Interim Executives

Whether the need is for an academic leader such as Provost or Dean, an operational executive such as chief financial officer or chief operating officer or even university president, Compass is able to match need with the seasoned senior skill set appropriate to the situation.  (More…)

Performance Improvement

The Compass Business Performance Improvement Consultation is designed to assess the attributes and features of a higher education institution that are signal indicators of efficiency and effectiveness while respecting the structures that remain critical to academic mission fulfillment. (More…)

For Immediate Assistance