Examples of the kinds of experiences represented include:

  • Former CEO of a state health and hospital association; editor-in-chief of professional journal, and serves as adjunct university faculty member; background in Accreditation, LCME.
  • Internationally known, award-winning, deeply published speaker/consultant, and former university president who—together with boards and leadership—focuses on university leadership and social strategic forward motion and change.
  • With strong post-doc credentials, has served on faculty of large state university system and now is high-level national consultant in industry who serves on national governmental advisory committee; understands politcal environment of large public entities.
  • Former university dean and vice president with three decades of experience in leading institutions through accreditation processes; dynamic leader with depth both in clinical environment and higher education.
  • Consultant specializing in organizational culture to boards and industry, and former graduate dean with accreditation preparation history; focus on multicultural leadership and evaluation.
  • Internationally heralded scholar and award-winning author, association keynoter, and consultant to hundreds of universities and colleges, with state educational leadership and board roles and foundation work; focuses on inclusive scholarship, democracy and education, and institutional practices.