Compass consultants in this quadrant include:

  • Widely regarded author with high-level university administrative positions relating to quality and operational planning, and has served as faculty for accreditation organizations.
  • Researcher working on throughput efficiency modeling – including process flow charting, data handling, and operations and business analytics – with a current focus on hospital emergency rooms and operating suites.
  • Organizational and process leadership expert who studied under the personal tutelage of Crosby, Juran, Deming, Drucker and Ackoff, among others. Pioneered implementation of ISO and AS quality management projects for the Department of Defense.
  • Former executive director of one of the national college commissions, was academic vice chancellor within the STEM environment, and has served as consultant within higher education for several decades; dozens of peer-reviewed publications and published textbooks and reference works.
  • Distinguished professorship and former interim vice presidency of an HBCU; post-doctoral long-time academician with strong international credentials and accreditation prep. History; consultant to industry to U.S. Secretaries to advise Congress.
  • Faculty member who led a U.S. Government department effort at dashboarding and, within university settings, metrification for analytics; strong combination of business and technology background.