Current and former presidents, provosts, vice presidents, board members, and the like are well-positioned through successful experiences to guide, assess, and interact with institutional and community leaders—CEOs and board members. Examples include: (…More)

Faculty Affairs

Current and former faculty leaders, faculty support services leaders and researchers who have strong qualifications to help assess and guide performance improvements in ways sensitive to academic freedom, institutional mission and accreditation serve in this capacity. Consultants who exemplify these abilities include: (..More)

Student Support Services

Universities and colleges frequently overlook a potential differentiating strength – student support services. To help highlight and improve in these areas, we call upon the expertise of experts such as: (…More)

Administration & Finance

While top leadership sets the direction, and a correct attitude throughout an organization is a prerequisite to performance improvement, much of the detail must be organized, monitored, and carried out by non-academic managers and leaders. Our consultants in this quadrant include: (…More)

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