Manage & Measure

Increased accountability and transparency are being demanded on all fronts at higher education institutions. There is an increasing awareness throughout higher education for the need to metrify results of the enterprise. Accrediting and other compliance bodies, boards, administrations, and the public are clamoring for hard proof to promote greater public accountability for resources expended.

Compass uDash helps universities measure and manage their critical functions. uDash provides easy-to-use-and-visualize dashboards to depict performance across the enterprise and at multiple levels. By defining internal targets, uDash’s reporting capabilities enable consistent and periodic comparisons that demonstrate progress and identify areas in need of attention. uDash is also a useful vehicle for external reporting for compliance and accreditation functions, research funding applications support, and to satisfy questions in support of student applications.

Monitor & Modify

Installing uDash requires careful planning. Starting with common field definitions and then applying these definitions to data collected about all points in student throughput, we customize dashboards at levels ranging from course to campus to system and profession in order to monitor customer metrics, internal business process metrics, learning and growth metrics, and financial metrics—analyzing their outcomes with institutional measures of mission, vision, values and goals.  Relationships among the fields are visually depicted against goals at every level.  Updating is a dynamic process, with trend lines and reports available as defined by institutional wishes.

Compass uDash gives you real-time insight into critical performance issues, which not only allows you to monitor your institution,  but also alerts you to the need modify functions that aren’t performing at top level.