Kate Fenner, RN, PhD

Kate Fenner has more than 30 years of experience in senior leadership roles in university, regional, state and national organizations. First as a nurse, and later as an education leader and consultant, Kate has immersed herself in the issues that face today’s dynamic organizations. She has the rare ability to problem-solve and communicate effectively at all levels of an organization—from staff members to Board members.

Kate is quoted often in the media, has appeared on FoxBusiness News as an expert source during the Healthcare Reform debate, is a regular keynote speaker throughout the country, and has authored a leading college text on law and ethics in healthcare.

Her “smarts” and humor have served her well as a consultant and in courtrooms where she has always distinguished herself as an able expert witness. Her nursing training has always made it easier for her to understand issues from an empathetic standpoint.  Drawing from her years both in healthcare and the academe, her advice proffered to students, faculty, and administrators has yielded improved performance and satisfaction by all who followed the guidance given.

Kate Fenner can be reached by phone at 800-241-0142 or email at kfenner@compassgroupinc.com

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